50 Important Current Affairs of Nepal for Loksewa Exam

Hello friends, today, we are going to share with you 50 most important current affairs 2076. These current affairs are very important for those student who is participate of competitive exam of Nepal like Nijamati, Bank and force sector. 

50 Important Current Affairs of Nepal are mentioned in below:

Q.N.1. When was the electricity bus started in Kathmandu Valley?

A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 01
B. B.S. 2076 Ashar 12
C. B.S. 2076 Bhadau 07
D. B.S. 2076 Bhadau 23

Right Option – D. B.S. 2076 Bhadau 23

Q.N.2. When did seven states submit annual budget from state meeting for fiscal year 076/77?

A. B.S. 2076 Ashar 01
B. B.S. 2076 Ashar 02
C. B.S. 2076 Ashar 03
D. B.S. 2076 Ashar 04

Right Option – A. B.S. 2076 Ashar 01

Q.N.3. Where will tea testing and research center be built?

A. Jhapa
B. Elam
C. Shyanja
D. Gulmi

Right Option – B. Elam, Kanyam 

Q.N.4. When did India start imposing additional taxes on American goods?

A. June 06, 2019
B. June 16, 2019
C. June 20, 2019
D. June 26, 2019

Right Option – C. June 20, 2019

Q.N.5. Through the Prime Minister’s Employment Program, On average, how many days does the average person get employment according preliminary data?

A. 07 days
B. 35 days
C. 13 days
D. 25 days

Right Option – C. 13 days

Q.N.6. When did former Indian Prime Minister Sushma Swaraj die?

A. February 6, 2019
B. August 6, 2019
C. August 16, 2019 
D. September 6, 2019 

Right Option – B. August 6, 2019

Q.N.7. When did the new Emperor of Japan Naruhito formally take the throne?

A. January 01, 2019 
B. April 01, 2019
C. May 01, 2019
D. August 01, 2019

Right Option – C. May 01, 2019

Q.N.8. According to UN standards, how many citizens are allowed to be equal to one policeman?

A. 333 People
B. 222 People
C. 111 People
D. 99 People

Right Option – A. 333 People

Q.N.9. Which is the most forested province area of Nepal?

A. Province – 1
B. Province – 2
C. Province – 3
D. Province – 4

Right Option – C. Province – 3 and Low – Province 2

Q.N.10. How many places is Nepal in the index of hunger?

A. 73rd
B. 67th
C. 91st 
D. 85th

Right Option – A. 73rd 

Q.N.11. When was the foundation of the Federal Parliament building demolished in Singha Durbar’s butterfly garden?

A. B.S. 2076 Jetha 12 
B. B.S. 2076 Ashar 21
C. B.S. 2076 Ashoj 01
D. B.S. 2076 Mansir 18

Right Option – C. B.S. 2076 Ashoj 01

Q.N.12. Who is the winner of the third South Asian Football Competition (SAF) U-18?

A. India
B. Nepal
C. Sri Lanka
D. Maldives

Right Option – A. India,  Runner up Bangladesh (held on 2019 September)

Q.N.13. Who won the FIFA Player of the Year award at 2019?

A. Cristiano Ronaldo
B. Eden Hazard
C. Lionel Messi
D. Killian Ambappe

Right Option – C. Lionel Messi

Q.N.14. Which is the highest number of local level district in Nepal?

A. Chitwan
B. Sarlahi
C. Sunsari
D. Jhapa

Right Option – B. Sarlahi (20 local level)

Q.N.15. Which is the largest number of municipality in Nepal?

A. Rautahat
B. Parsa
C. Dhanusha
D. Sarlahi

Right Option – A. Rautahat (16)

Q.N.16. Which is the state of launching a campaign for ‘one nurse one school’?

A. Region no. 1
B. Region no. 4
C. Region no. 5
D. Region no. 3

Right Option – D. Region no. 3 

Q.N.17. Which is the most local municipaty district in Nepal?

A. Gorkha
B. Sarlahi
C. Dhading
D. Rautahata

Right Option – C. Dhading (11)

Q.N.18. Which is the highest economic growth rate province in fical year 075/76?

A. Province 1
B. Province 3
C. Province 5
D. Province 7

Right Option – C. Province no. 5

Q.N.19. Which countries are currently highest number of heritages listed on the World Heritage List?

A. Italy
B. Brazil
C. China
D. Mexico

Right Option – A. Italy (53)

Q.N.20. According to the Economic Survey 2075/76, what is Nepal’s inflation rate?

A. 5 percent
B. 6 percent
C. 7 percent
D. 9 percent

Right Option – C. 7 percent

Q.N.21. Which is the last countriy to have a bilateral airline agreement with Nepal?

A. New Zealand
B. Vietnam
C. Australia
D. Cambodia

Right Option – A. Australia, 40th (B.S. 2076 Ashoj 14)

Q.N.22. Where did the robots launch the program for the first time in Nepal?

A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 28 
B. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 30
C. B.S. 2076 Jetha 30
D. B.S. 2076 Ashar 28

Right Option – A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 28 

Q.N.23. Who is the highest Mount Everest climber to climb the record?

A. Babuchhiri Sherpa
B. Kamiriti Sherpa
C. Nirmal Purja
D. Aanrita Sherpa

Right Option – B. Kamiriti Sherpa

Q.N.24. When has Nepal and Oman agreed to move workers to zero cost?

A. February 05, 2019
B. March 05, 2019
C. May 05, 2019
D. November 05, 2019

Right Option – C. May 05, 2019

Q.N.25. When was the first flagship satellite of Nepal launched into space?

A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 05
B. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 15
C. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 20
D. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 25

Right Option – A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 05

Q.N.26. When did the government launch a health insurance program for senior citizens in Nepal?

A. B.S. 2076 Jetha 08
B. B.S. 2076 Bhadau 01
C. B.S. 2076 Ashar 15
D. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 01

Right Option – D. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 01

Q.N.27. Which personality of SAARC nation is known as ‘Gurudev’?

A. Abdul Rahman
B. Sailendra Maharjan
C. Rabindranath Tagore
D. Ziaur Rahman

Right Option – C. Rabindranath Tagore (India)

Q.N.28. When was the soft launch of Nepal Tour Year 2020?

A. B.S. 2075 Falgun 30 
B. B.S. 2075 Chaitra 30
C. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 30
D. B.S. 2076 Jetha 30

Right Option – B. B.S. 2075 Chaitra 30, (Tourism Area in Pokhara)

Q.N.29. When is the launch of ‘Open a bank account across the country’ with the slogan ‘Make Prosperity with a friend, every Nepali bank account’?

A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 01
B. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 07
C. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 15
D. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 21

Right Option – A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 01

Q.N.30. Who was awarded the NAST Technology Award – 2076?

A. Dr. Yuvraj Khatiwada
B. Lalbabu Pandit
C. Kulman Ghising
D. Dhurmush – Suntali
Right Option – C. Kulman Ghising

Q.N.31. How many places is Nepal in the Corruption Index – 2019?

A. 100th
B. 111st
C. 121st
D. 124th

Right Option – C. 124th

Q.N.32. How many places is Nepal in the powerful passport index – 2019?

A. 25th
B. 47th
C. 85th
D. 105th

Right Option – C. 85th

Q.N.33. When was the National Education Policy, 2019 issued?3

A. B.S. 2076 Kartik 21
B. B.S. 2076 Ashar 02
C. B.S. 2076 Mansir 21
D. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 13

Right Option – A. B.S. 2076 Kartik 21

Q.N.34. When was the by-election held for representatives of different local levels of Nepal?

A. B.S. 2076 Karthik 14
B. B.S. 2076 Karthik 21
C. B.S. 2076 Mansir 14
D. B.S. 2076 Mansir 21

Right Option – C. B.S. 2076 Mansir 14

Q.N.35. How many places is Nepal in the world happiness index – 2019?

A. 40th
B. 55th
C. 81st
D. 100th

Right Option – D. 100th

Q.N.36. In which state is the 9th national sport (B.S. 2077) taking place?

A. Region no. 4
B. Region no. 3
C. Region no. 2
D. Region no. 1

Right Option – A. Region No. 4 (Gandaki Region)

Q.N.37. Sixth Integrity Icon Nepal – 2019, Who was announced?

A. Kulman Ghising
B. Ram Bahadur Kurumbang
C. Sheshanarayan Poudel
D. Kaziman Rai

Right Option – D. Kaziman Rai
Q.N.38. When did Chinese President Xi-Jinping visit Nepal?

A. June 12, 2019
B. October 12, 2019
C. March 12, 2019
D. November 12, 2019

Right Option – B. October 12, 2019, (B.S. 2075 Ashoj 25)

Q.N.39. How many places is Nepal in the Law Rule Index – 2019?

A. 44th
B. 51th
C. 59th
D. 71th

Right Option – C. 59th

Q.N.40. When was the first black hole picture made public?

A. April 1, 2019
B. April 10, 2019
C. April 21, 2019
D. April 30, 2019

Right Option – B. April 10, 2019
Q.N.41. When was Nepal the first open defecation free country of South Asia announced?

A. B.S. 2076 Ashoj 13
B. B.S. 2076 Kartik 10
C. B.S. 2076 Mansir 17
D. B.S. 2076 Ashoj 23

Right Option – A. B.S. 2076 Ashoj 13

Q.N.42. How much is Nepal in Doing Business Report – 2020?

A. 62nd
B. 94th
C. 101st
D. 125th

Right Option – B. 94th

Q.N.43. T-20 World Cup Cricket – 2020, What country is happening?

A. England
B. Australia
C. New Zealand
D. Qatar

Right Option – B. Australia

Q.N.44. Bank of the Year – 2019, Which bank won?

A. NIC Asia
B. Machhapuchchre Bank
C. Janata Bank
D. Mega Bank

Right Option – D. Mega Bank Nepal Limited (09 November, 2019)

Q.N.45. How many languages ​​are currently spoken in Nepal?

A. 123
B. 125
C. 127
D. 129

Right Option – D. 129

Q.N.46. When was the logo and slogan of National Census – 2078 made public?

A. B.S. 2076 Bhadau 03
B. B.S. 2076 Ashoj 03
C. B.S. 2076 Kartik 03
D. B.S. 2076 Mansir 03

Right Option – C. B.S. 2076 Kartik 03

Slogan – ‘My Count My Participation’

Q.N.47. From which district has the process of distributing Farmers Identity Cards been started in Nepal?

A. Baglung
B. Lamjung
C. Parbat 
D. Kaski

Right Option – A. Baglung

Q.N.48. Which is the Commercial Bank of Nepal awarded by Bank of the Year 2018?

A. Prabhu Bank
B. NIC Asia
C. Nepal Investment Bank
D. Mega Bank

Right Option – C. Nepal Investment Bank

Q.N.49. When did Nepal succeed in removing Asako’s security list?

A. B.S. 2074 Saun 06
B. B.S. 2074 Saun 11
C. B.S. 2074 Saun 16
D. B.S. 2074 Saun 22

Right Option – A. B.S. 2074 Saun 06 (July 21, 2017)

Q.N.50. When was the Brain Gain Center (BCG) launched in the Ministry of External Affairs?

A. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 7
B. B.S. 2076 Baishakh 17
C. B.S. 2076 Jetha 7
D. B.S. 2076 Jetha 17

Right Option – D. B.S. 2076 Jetha 17

I hope, it helps you learnt about top 50 important current affairs of Nepal. These current affairs are very important as point of view competitive exam in Nepal. If you have some questions or want to suggest some topics, please comment in below section. 

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