Banking Exam Preparation Questions Answers Nepal

Dear Learners, you must be preparing for the different banking exams such as Nepal Rashtra Bank (NRB), Rashtriya Banijya Bank (RBB), Agriculture Development Bank Limited (ADBL), Nepal Bank Limited (NBL), and other private Banking Exam Preparation in Nepal because you search on Google and clicked up on this page.

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All banks have their own syllabuses, curriculums, and employees recruitment processes. Private banks or government banks have followed different patterns to select deserving candidates.

First of all, you need to know the syllabus and recruitment process of the particular bank which you are going to attend the exam or planning to preparation.

We have collected these banking exam preparation questions and answers from old banks’ exam questions and answers like NRB, RBB, ADBL, NBL, and other private banks exams.

It seems most of the old questions and answers were asked again by these banking exams. So, you can check these Banking exam questions and answers. It may really help you.  

Banking General Knowledge Questions Answers

1. Which is the central bank of Nepal?
Answer: NRB

2. Which is the first bank to introduce an internet banking service in Nepal?
Answer: Kumari Bank

3. Which bank introduced an ATM machine in Nepal’s banking system?
Answer: Himalayan Bank

4. What is the stock called when the bank makes a profit and provides it to the shareholders in exchange for cash?
Answer: Bonus shares

5. How long can a credit card be used?
Answer: 45 days

6. How many government-invested commercial banks are there in Nepal?
Answer: 3 (RBB, NBL, and ADBL)

7. What is a currency that is not easily accepted by everyone as the exchange rate fluctuates rapidly?
Answer: Hot Currency

8. Where is the World Bank headquartered?
Answer: Washington DC

10. What is the authorized capital of Nepal Bank Limited at the time of establishment?
Answer: 10 million (1 Karod)

11. Which bank is the first bank of Nepal?
Answer: Nepal Bank Limited

12. What is the term of office of Governor, Deputy Governor, and Director?
Answer: 5 years

13. Where should I get permission to run a money changer business?
Answer: Nepal Rastra Bank

14. Who regulates the security market in Nepal?
Answer: The Security Board of Nepal

15. For how much above loan amount PAN number is Mandatory?
Answer: 10 million (1 Karod)

16. How many paragraphs and articles are there in Nepal Rastra Bank Act, 2058?
Answer: Paragraph 12 Article 112

17. Financial Information Unit operates under which organization?
Answer: Nepal Rastra Bank

18. What is the main institution providing training in the banking sector of Nepal?
Answer: National Banking Training Institute

19. What is the minimum capital required to establish an Infrastructure Development Bank?
Answer: Rs. 20 Kharba

20. Which is the largest branches commercial bank in Nepal at present?
Answer: NIC ASIA Bank

21. Which Bank won the title “Bank of the year 2020”?
Answer: NMB

22. Which bank is awarded as the Bank of the year 2019?
Answer: Mega Bank

23. What should be the CR of “A CLASS” bank?
Answer: 4 percent

24. What is the capital of Nepal Rastra Bank?
Answer: 5 billion (5 Arba)

25. How many banking offices does Nepal Rastra Bank have?
Answer: 7

26. What is it called that the CEO of one bank has to stay at least 6 months apart when moving to another bank?
Answer: Cooling Period

27. Who is the first Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank?
Answer: Himalaya Shamsher Ja.Ba.Ra.

28. Who is the shortest-term governor of Nepal?
Answer: Dipendra Purush Dhakal

29. Which Rana Prime Minister was established Nepal Bank Limited?
Answer: Juddha Shamsher

30. Which loans are included in Performing Loan?
Answer: Watch Lost and Loss Loan

31. From which country did “Grameen Bikash Bank” start?
Answer: Bangladesh

32. Which bank is called lender of last resort?
Answer: Central Bank

33. What is the current rate VAT in Nepal?
Answer: 13%

34. What kind of accounting system is meant by a modern accounting system?
Answer: Double Entry System

35. Which is the first joint venture commercial bank of Nepal?
Answer: Nabil Bank

36. When was the first Audit Act introduced in Nepal?
Answer: B.S. 2018

37. In which part of the Constitution of Nepal, 2072 has the provision of Auditor General been provided?
Answer: Part 22

38. How many joint venture banks are there in Nepal?
Answer: 7 Joint Venture Banks

39. Who institute regulates, supervises, and monitors banking and financial systems in Nepal?
Answer: Nepal Rashtra Bank

40. Where is the central office of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB)?
Answer: Baluwartar, KTM

Banking Exam Preparation Questions Answers Nepal

Computer General Knowledge and Full Form

1. Who is considered the Father of the Computer?
Answer: Charles Babbage

2. What is the full form of the OTP number?
Answer: One Time Password

3. What do you mean by ATM?
Answer: Automated Teller Machine

4. In which generation of Computers, transistors were used?
Answer: Second Generation

5. What is the full form of ‘URL’?
Answer: Uniform Resource Locator

6. Where is the RAM located in devices?
Answer: Motherboard

7. If a computer has more the one processor then what is it called?
Answer: Multi-Processor

8. What is the full form of RAM in the computer?
Answer: Random Access Memory

9. What is the full form of ROM in the computer?
Answer: Read Only Memory

10. What is the full form of E-mail?
Answer: Electronic Mail

11. Who introduced the popular term WWW?
Answer: Tim Berners-Lee (British scientist)

12. What is the full form of PIN?
Answer: Personal Identification Number

13. What is the full form of LAN?
Answer: Local Area Network

14. What is the full form of WAN?
Answer: Wide Area Network

15. Which year is known for the first generation of computers?
Answer: 1940 to 1956

Management, Account, and Economics Questions Answers

1. Who has explained The Need Hierarchy Theory of Motivation?
Answer: Abraham Maslow

2. How many principles are there in Henri Fayol’s Principles of Management?
Answer: 14

3. What is the Full Form of ‘IPO’?
Answer: Initial Public Offering

4. Which entity issues the Monetary Policy in Nepal?
Answer: Central Bank

5. Who is the first father of artificial intelligence (AI)?
Answer: John McCarthy

6. Who is known as the father of Public Administration?
Answer: Woodrow Wilson

7. Who is known as the father of Economics?
Answer: Adam Smith

8. What is the primary function of an accounting system?
Answer: Vouching

9. What is the basic accounting equation?
Answer: Equity + Liabilities = Assets

10. What is the formula of the current ratio?
Answer: Current Ratio = Current Assets ÷ Current Liabilities

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