Best Free Fire Nepali Name for Players in Nepal | Free fire name NP

Everyone wants to be unique from the crowd. So it is also applied in case of taking best Free Fire Nepali Name in their regional language like Nepali players want to set Nepali Name for Free Fire.

In the Nepalese context, there are huge numbers of Free Fire Game players because they love to play it. They made a group and play with others groups. Mostly, teenagers and youths are playing this game. Even sometimes, we can see children are playing it.

Today, we are going to share with you some unique and eye-catchy with meaning Nepali Name for Free Fire. That can be remembered by others who are met in-game. So check out Free Fire game Nepali Nickname for both Boys and Girls (choose suitable once) in below:

Best Free Fire Game Nepali Name for Players

N. Alp. Names Copy
1 A Antim
2 A Apsara
3 B Bhaigiri
4 B Baijan
5 A Badashah
6 B Batase
7 B Best Nepali
8 B Bestu
9 B Bulbul
10 C Chakra
11 C Chameli
12 C Chela
13 C Chhatra
14 D Danbir
15 D Dhaivai
16 D Danapati
17 D Devata
18 D Dhobi
19 D Dusman
20 F Feripani
21 F Firafire
22 F Firangi
23 G Guru
24 G Gorkhe
25 G Gyani
26 H Happy Nepali
27 H Herxas
28 H Hepni
29 J Jabo
30 J Jit fix
31 J Jogi
32 K Kalu
33 K Koili
34 K Khelxas
35 L Lalu
36 L Lalumaya
37 L Ladaku
38 L Love Nepal
39 L Love Nepali
40 L Lucky
41 L Lutai
42 M Maha purush
43 M Ma Jasto
44 M Makuri
45 N Nepali Babu
46 N Nepali Donz
47 N Nepali Gudiya
48 N Nepali Kanxa/ Kanxi
49 N Nepali Returns
50 N Nepali Warrior
51 N Neuli
52 P Panipani
53 P Pahilo
54 P Papi Manxe
55 P Pari
56 P Pratham
57 P Prem geet
58 P Pukku
59 P Punte
60 P Pyare/ Pyari
61 R Rajkumar/ Rajkumari
62 R Rishimuni
63 S Saane/ Saani
64 S Saathi
65 S Sahayogi
66 S Sakkigoni
67 S Sakxas
68 S Sanumaya
69 S Satru
70 S Shubha bihani
71 S Suruwat
72 T Tero Satru
73 T Top Nepali
74 T Tyagi
75 W Wow Nepali

How to Change Your Free Fire name into Nepali

Actually, there is no free method to change the nickname in the free fire. For a change, you need to top up your account and spend some diamonds to buy it.

1. First, You have to open your Free Fire account then, go to the profile section.
2. You saw Yellow Notebook Icon – Click on it.
3. Type your desired name or paste it on the text box
4. Pay 390 diamonds to save the change your Free Fire name into Nepali

Final Words

Hope you guys, everyone has loved this type of free-fire Nepali game.

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