Best Way How to Manage Money or Personal Fund in Our Life

Best way to manage money or personal fund in our life – People say if you save money, in future money will save you. Dear friends, today, we are going to discussing manage money in our life. 

Money is the most important thing for everybody in the world. People are want to earn a lot of money and easily enjoying their life. They earn money from various sources like salary, bonus, etc. But they haven’t any idea about how to use money and earn more money in the future. 
The starting point is to save some portion of your earnings. But people only understand just saving money. It is not fair. You should invest your money in getting an additional return in the future and can full fill your desire through this investment amount in the future.  
Best Way How to Manage Money or Personal Fund in Our Life :

1. Save Money 

First of all, you have to save money to invest in a different place. You can make a plan. For example; Save 10 percent of your earning. Another thing, people say they save money after cutting their expenses. If you are following save patterns, you won’t able to save money at any cost. So, the best way is first to save your money as you wish and invest in the right place. 

2. Investment 

Investment is a process of circulates money with the aim of getting additional benefits in the future. There are many options you can choose for investing. Some of them are mentioned in Below:

a) Real States

If you have a huge amount of money then real states are the right options to investing for you. This investment option is preferable for those people who want to invest their money in the long term. In the Nepalese situation, real states’ return is good to compare to other sectors. 

b) Stocks 

Another investing option is to share or stock in a company. You can buy shares of a company then you want to get annual dividends if the company is able to make a profit. The important merit of this investment option is liquidity or you can sell it if you have a requirement of fund. If you haven’t any information about this sector, you can ask the professionals. 

c) Mutual Fund 

It is another popular investment alternative. If you haven’t knowledge about the stock market and how it works and you don’t want to go loss then it is the right option for you.

d) Gold

If you want to invest in gold then you can earn money in a short period of time or also can long term period. The price of gold fluctuates on a daily basis. In the short term, you can buy gold when the price going down and sold it when the price will increase. Another case, buy-in current time and sell it in the future.

Another benefit of investing gold is used as collateral for a loan. Many organizations and jewelry shops offer a loan for you with a specific rate of interest.

e) Currency 

Another best example of investing in the currency. We heart the exchange rate of foreign currencies changing daily. If you have knowledge about the exchange, you can take benefits from these exchange rate fluctuations. It can generate a huge amount of return if it can properly be utilized.

3. Make a Timeline of the Investment Period

Fix your timeline of your investing like for the next 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc. At the maturity time of the period, you will continually invest your fund.

4. Reason for Investing

The Most important point why you should want to invest your fund. You may make your plan that you want to generate funds. For example – For Study, Build a company, Tour, Buy a car, bike, house, etc.
At last, fund managing is a special skill that needs for everyone. People are saying only we haven’t a good source of income for investing and they postpone investing for the time for good income. But it is not the best practice for investing. We can start investing in a small number of funds. It is a common habit of financial successful persons. I suggest you, start a investing in small amount and future it creates a large value in the future.  

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