100+ General Knowledge Questions and Answers about Nepal

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100+ General Knowledge Questions and Answers about Nepal

Q.1. In which district is Fungfung waterfall?
Answer: Nuwakot

Q.2. How much of the Heritage of Nepal is to be celebrated in the World Heritage Site?
Answer: 10

Q.3. Who did Jai Nepal use for the first time?
Answer: Shukraraj Shastri

Q.4. Which is the first magazine in the Nepali language?
Answer: Gorkha India Life

Q.5. How much percentage of Nepal’s total land is cultivated for Farming?
Answer: 17.97%

Q.6. Which is the first highway of Nepal?
Answer: Tribhuvan Rajpath

Q.7. What is the name of Kathmandu – Pokhara road?
Answer: Prithbi Highway

Q.8. What is called a sheet placed in front of the book and behind?
Answer: Fly Leaf

Q.9. Who was the Zero inventor?
Answer: Arya Bhatt

Q.10. Which district has begun with producing tea?
Answer: Elam

Q.11. When did the 14 zonal and 75 districts are divided occur in Nepal?
Answer: B.S. 2018 Baikhakh 01

Q.12. How many MW of electricity has been produced in Nepal till now?
Answer: 1142 Mw

Q.13. When will the earthquake day be celebrated in Nepal?
Answer: Magh 2

Q.14. In what district should the Chhinnamasta temple be?
Answer: Saptari

Q.15. What is the Tharu tribe called home Son-in-law?
Answer: Vwarpaithana

Q.16. In what district should a Jakhira lake be?
Answer: Kapilvastu

Q.17. What name is known next to the Bhandarkhal Festival?
Answer: Basnet festival

Q.18. How many business ways have been opened by Nepal and India?
Answer: 27

Q.19. What is the small district of Nepal after the local level division?
Answer: Bhaktapur

Q.20. Where is the Ghorne waterfall?
Answer: Sankhuwasabha

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Q.21. Where did Gautam Buddha give the first sermon?
Answer: Sarnath of India

Q.22. Who is the Second Miss Nepal of Nepal?
Answer: Sumi Khadka

Q.23. How many big and small rivers are found in Nepal?
Answer: Almost 6000

Q.24. Which is the temple in Nepal’s highest position?
Answer: Muktinath (3750m)

Q.25. What agreement has the end of the first world war have?
Answer: Varseleej Agreement

Q.26. When was the Untouchable-free Nation Announced to Nepal?
Answer: B.S. 2063 Jeth 21

Q.27. What is the slogan of the first National Women’s Rights Day?
Answer: Destination of the prosperous Nepal end of the legitimate discrimination

Q.28. What is considered to be the world’s first cash crop?
Answer: Tea

Q.29. When has the plantation program started in Nepal?
Answer: B.S. 2002

Q.30. Where is the lowest section of the Asian Highway?
Answer: Singapore

Q.31. What is the first person climbing Mount Everest without both hands?
Answer: Sudarshan Gautam

Q.32. When is the most black day considered in Nepal’s history of collegian?
Answer: B.S. 2044 Falgun 29

Q.33. Who is the most climbing person on Mount Everest?
Answer: Kamirita Sherpa (24 times)

Q.34. Which mountain is known as White Himal?
Answer: Dhaulagiri

Q.35. What animal is has three hearts and blue blood?
Answer: Octopus

Q.36. Where is the Bats Conservation Protection Area in Nepal?
Answer: Kapilvastu

Q.36. Where is the Bats Conservation Protection Area in Nepal?
Answer: Kapilvastu

Q.37. When did Nirmala Pant c*arnage happen in Kanchanpur?
Answer: B.S. 2075 Sauna 10

Q.38. Which is the first WiFi-free district of Nepal?
Answer: Magdi

Q.39. Which cast is prevalent in the Putpute dance?
Answer: Gurung

Q.40. When has the National Sports Council established?
Answer: B.S. 2017 Mansir 20

Q.41. Who are the designers of Narayan Hiti palace?
Answer: B. Forn

Q.42. Which is the only Terai district which does not touch the Mahendra highway?
Answer: Parsa

Q.43. What is the largest human-made lake in Nepal?
Answer: Indrasariwar (Makawanpur)

Q.44. Nanda Bhauju lake is located in which district?
Answer: Chitwan

Q.45. Which is a famous district for Dhaka’s clothing?
Answer: Palpa

Q.46. Which year of Nepal was celebrated as a visit year?
Answer: B.S. 2073

Q.47. What are the recent SAARC summit sessions in Nepal?
Answer: Third, eleventh and eighteenth

Q.48. What is the institute giving employment to the highest population in the world?
Answer: Indian Railway Service

Q.49. What is the nearest airport from Kathmandu?
Answer: Tribhuvan International Airport

Q.50. Which is the Nepalese movie kept on the first Internet?
Answer: Badal Pari

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Q.51. How many days was the first amendment to the Interim Constitution 2063 issued in Nepal?
Answer: In 45 days

Q.52. Which is the first country to introduce plastic notes?
Answer: Australia

Q.53. Where was the first homestay built in South Asia?
Answer: Operated on B.S. 2054 from Syanja’s Sirubari

Q.54. Which is the highest snow source river in Nepal?
Answer: Dudh Koshi

Q.55. Who is the first Nepali to receive the Victoria Cross?
Answer: Kulbir Thapa

Q.56. Who said, ‘Don’t let anyone’s conscience be in this state?
Answer: The queen of Kazi Bhim Malla at the time going ‘sati’.

Q.57. What was called tax at the period of Lichchabikal?
Answer: Taxes paid when opening shop

Q.58. The ‘Library Festival’ took place during the tenure of which Rana Prime Minister?
Answer: Shree 3 Bhim Shamsher

Q.59. Which river flows along with the same name in Nepal?
Answer: Rapti River

Q.60. When did the first Everest ascendant Sir Edmund Hillary die?
Answer: January 11, 2008

Q.61. Thailand is known as the white elephant country, and who is known as the country of thousands of elephants?
Answer: Laos

Q.62. The first magazine in the Nepali language is ‘Gorkha Bharat Jeevan’ and which is the first magazine published in Nepal?
Answer: Sudhasagar

Q.63. Which is the largest foreign investment country in Nepal?
Answer: India (Second China)

Q.64. Who is the thinker that ‘whatever you do, be a good person?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Q.65. Which is the first Wetland region of Nepal as listed by the Ramsar Convention?
Answer: Reservation for Koshitappu

Q.66 Which is the largest mountain on the moon?
Answer: Mons Huygens

Q.67 What vitamin is found in bee honey?
Answer: Vitamins A and K

Q.68. Who is the first Indian astronaut to fly into space?
Answer: Rakesh Sharma

Q.69. Which of the following peoples’ or caste customs is used to bite a corpse and feed a vulture?
Answer: Dolpo

Q.70. Ainu is a tribal tribe of which country?
Answer: Japan

Q.71. Which place in the Kathmandu Valley was also known as ‘Ashokapatan’?
Answer: Patan

Q.72. Who is the thinker that ‘heroism is not to honor anyone but to save honor?’
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

Q.73 Who is the creator of the masterpiece ‘Doll House’?
Answer: Pushpa Basnet

Q.74. What is the full form of ‘GPS’?
Answer: Global Positioning System

Q.75. Who is the inventor of the needle against Rabies?
Answer: Louis Pasteur

Q.76. Which caste is also known as Palki carry caste in Nepal?
Answer: Jhangad

Q.77. Who is the author of the novel ‘Palpasha Cafe’ based on the com*bat situation of Maoists?
Answer: Narayan Wagle

Q.78. From which country did the world’s oldest polo originate?
Answer: Iran

Q.79. Which famous personality does the phrase ‘skilled rulers think about the future, but leaders are only concerned about elections’?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Q.80. Who is the poet who started the experiment in the field of Nepali poetry?
Answer: Mohan Koirala

Q.81. In Nepal, the circulation of paper notes started from the whose time of the prime minister?
Answer: Judda Shamsher

Q.82. Who is to say that ‘betrayal is more deadly than poison’?
Answer: Prem Chand

Q.83. Who is the King who rules the world most of the time?
Answer: Bhumivol Adulya Dez (Thailand)

Q.84. Who is the first Miss Nepal?
Answer: Ruvi Rana

Q.85. Where is the famous Saleh’s Fulwari?
Answer: Siraha

Q.86. Which year was celebrated in Nepal as a traveling year?
Answer: B.S. 2073

Q.87. What was the called information given by the government to the people during the Rana period?
Answer: Istihar

Q.88. Where is constructed the Manjushri 33 feet tall stone statue?
Answer: Chobhar, Kathmandu

Q.89. Which is the first census institution in Nepal?
Answer: Census Goswara

Q.90. Who is the first person to reach space?
Answer: Yuri Gagarin (Russia), 1969

Q.91. What is ‘Kiroo’?
Answer: The first robots to communicate by spacewalk

Q.92. What is the name of the rhino that Nepal gave to China?
Answer: Rupsi and Bhadra

Q.93. What does ‘Love Waves’ relate to?
Answer: Earthquake

Q.94. Who is the author of the book ‘The character of the foreigners’?
Answer: Dr. Madan Kumar Bhattarai

Q.95. Where is the famous Ramdhuni Temple?
Answer: Sunsari

Q.96. When was operated the Manakamana Cable car?
Answer: B.S. 2055 Mansir 8

Q.97 How many years do the Chief Justice and other Supreme Court justices hold office until they reach their age?
Answer: 65 years

Q.98. Which is the nation with the most borders in the world?
Answer: China

Q.99. Who is known as the Magician of the East?
Answer: Jagdish Chandra Bose (India)

Q.100. Which country is ruled by two presidents?
Answer: Sanmarino

Q.101. Who made the palace school open to the public?
Answer – Bir shamasher

Q.102. When was the Public Service Commission nominated as a Loksewa Aayog?
Answer – B.S. 2015 Ashad 16

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