Happy Birthday Wishes in Nepali [2022]

A birthday is a special day recurring every year. Some people are interested to celebrate birthdays but some people are not wanted to celebrate their birthdays. However, as a Nepalese, everybody loves to have good Nepali Birthday Wishes on behalf of them. 

Nepali Birthday wishes for Best Friends

As a human, we have many friends. A friendship can be made anywhere with anybody at different times. Some friends have been with you. At the same time, some friends have lost.  

If you faced a hurdle to finding a birthday wish for your best friends, it would be perfect to wish with your friends.

Nepali Birthday wishes for Father| BaBa

Actually, the father and mother are only two persons who love you without expecting anything in return. So they are deserved to more love from us as our parents. So, we have to care for them and celebrate their birthday. Well, here are some lovely birthday wishes to wish your father in Nepal. Let’s check-in just below.

Nepali Birthday wishes for Mother | AaMa

Mother is a word that attaches unlimited love, affections, and care.  Many of you have come on that person who asks where mom is when arrived at home from anywhere, isn’t it? Are you looking for cool birthday wishes to wish your Mother? In below, you may get that suitable word to wish your Mom.

Nepali Birthday wishes for Son

As a parent, they are dedicated to giving all happiness to their kids.

Nepali Birthday wishes for Daughter

Nepali Birthday wishes for Sister

Brother and sister are those friends in the relation who fight but love us. They support and motivate you in hard situations and are always ready to help you.

As a brother and elder or young, do you want to wish your sister’s birthday? These wishes might be helpful to you. Let wish your sister a birthday and make more strong relation.

Nepali Birthday wishes for Brother

Brother can be elder or young than you. We would like to be thankful to God for giving you a lovely and caring brother. Find below some beautiful wishes to wish your brother on the occasion of his birthday.

Nepali Birthday wishes for Big Brother

Basically, big brother means the eldest brother among others. In most cases, we found that they are more responsible towards family comparatively other younger brothers and sisters. In Nepalese society, there is a custom that a big brother should take all responsibilities of the family after father.

So, big brother looks strict towards their brother and sister but they always love and support them financially and emotionally. Is your big brother’s birthday coming? Let them share these birthday wishes and make them happy.

Nepali Birthday wishes for Boy Friend

Wishing a birthday to your Boy Friend can play a vital role in a more strong relationship. As a girlfriend, it is your responsibility to wish a birthday for your boyfriend. We are trying to share some birthday wishes to wish your boyfriend.

Nepali Birthday wishes for Girl Friend

As a boyfriend, it’s also your responsibility to wish your girlfriend a birthday. You can gift your girlfriends on this special day what you can. Here are some wishes to your girlfriend.

Nepali Birthday wishes for Husband

Nepali Birthday wishes for Wife

Nepali Birthday wishes for Teacher

Nepali Birthday wishes for Student

Nepali Birthday wishes for Boss

Nepali Birthday wishes for Employee

Nepali Birthday wishes Smart Tricks and Ideas

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