History of Nepal General Knowledge Questions Answers in English

History of Nepal General Knowledge Questions Answers in English – Today, we are going to share with you 50 important history of Nepal related  General Knowledge Questions Answers in English. These all general knowledge questions and answers are based on history of Nepal. 

These all questions are very important for competitive exam in Nepal like Bank exam, Nepal Army’s exam, Nepal Police’s Exam, Various Post of Nijamati exam, etc. All exam asked one or two questions from history of Nepal. There are 50 important History of Nepal General Knowledge Questions Answers in English mentioned in below;

1. Who is considered the first king of Nepal?

– Bhuktaman

2. Who is the first authentic King of Nepal?

– Mandev

3. Who used to cut the baby’s lace?

– Amsuwarma

4. When was the Bir hospital built?

– B.S. 1947

5. What was the soldier called in ‘Malla Period’ ?

– Umrab

6. Who is the first person to use the word ‘Jai Nepal’?

– Shukraj Raj Shastri

7. Who is the first Nepali to visit the UK?

– Jung Bahadur Rana

8. Which is the first college in Nepal?

– Trichndra College

9. When and where was Bhimsen Thapa born?

– B.S. 1832, Borlang of Gorkha

10. The founder of the Senvans belonged to the king?

– Rudrasen

11. Who built the Rani Mahal in Palpa?

– Khadak Shamser

12. Who founded the ‘Khadak Nishana Chhap’?

– Chandra Shamser

13. Who built the Pashupatinath Temple?

– Prachandev

14. Who is Malla King who asked for an umbrella and shoes with Prithvi Narayan Shah?

– Jayaprakash Mall

15. Who is the Malla king trending of copper money?

– Ratna Malla

16. When was the first ‘Muluki Act’ introduced in Nepal?

– B.S. 1910

17. Who is the King who is believed to be still alive?

– Yoganendra Malla

18. During whose time the Sugauli Treaty took place?

– Bhimsen Thapa

19. What is the height of the Pashupati Tath Temple?

– 21m and 7c.m.

20. Who is the eldest son of Prithvi Narayan Shah?

– Pratap Singh Shah

21. How many years did the Gopal dynasty rule in Nepal?

– 521 years

22. Who built the Mangriha and Changunarayan temples?

– Mandev

23. When was the fire in Singhdarwar?

– B.S. 2030 Asad 25

24. The custom of wearing ‘Lalmohar’ goes back to the time of which king?

– Prithvi Narayan Shah

25. Who is known as ‘The Tiger of the House’?

– Chandra Shamser

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26. What was the name of Bhrikuti in Tibet?

– Dhichung

27. When was Nepal divided into 14 zones and 75 districts?

– B.S. 2018 Baishakh 01

28. Where is the head of Bhimsen Thapa located?

– In the Museum of London

29. Who is the first martyr of Nepal?

– Lakhan Thapa

30. When did the paper note start in Nepal?

– B.S. 2002 Ashoj 01

31. When was Nepal declared a secular country?

– B.S. 2063 Jetha 04

32. Who was the Prime Minister of Nepal during the Kotparwa Scan*dle?

– Fatejung Shah

33. Who was the editor of ‘Aawaj’ of Nepal’s first daily magazine?

– Siddicharan Shrestha

34. Who is known by the nickname ‘Bullet Maharaj’?

– Yuvraj Trailokya

35. How many currents are there in the Sugauli Treaty?

– Nine

36. When is started to use computer in Nepal?

– B.S. 2028

37. Who was the first King of the Kingdom of Doyarajya?

– Nanyadev

38. What is the currency used by the ‘Gunkamdev’?

– Gunanka

39. When did Pratap Malla build the queen pool?

– B.S. 1727

40. Who built the Bhadradhivas?

– Narendradev

41. In which district is the Vareva Palace located?

– Bara

42. Who uses the Saturday is Holidays custom in Nepal?

– Bhim Shamser

43. Who is the king tranding of ‘gold’s Asarfi’?

– Ran Bahadur Shah

44. When was the abolition of the Amali system in Nepal?

– B.S. 1868

45. When was Nepal Rastra Bank established?

– B.S 2013 Baishakh 14

46. Who is considered the living martyr in the history of Nepal?

– Tanka Prasad Acharya

47. When is the ‘Kot Scan*dle in Nepal’?

– B.S. 1903 Ashoj 02

48. Who is the designer of the Narayanhiti palace?

– Wiforn

49. Who built the four martyrs Idol of the martyr gate?

– Ratna Bahadur Tuladhar

50. When was the Supreme Court established?

– B.S. 2013 Jeshtha 08

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