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Short Definitions of Student

Generally, students are called those who are in school, college, and university to fulfill their academic degrees as well as gather the knowledge in the respective field. But it is a narrow definition of a student. Students might be those who are in academic sectors and non-academic sectors to learn sometime new. More preciously, we are always students before die, because we learn many things daily from different sources.

300+ words Student Life Essay in English

Students are those people who study in various educational institutions for the purpose of acquiring education. At the same time, they learn many things and they develop physically and mentally and enjoy their childhood without any worries.

Student life is a very important time for everyone. During this time they learn about life as well as education in school and college. The first task of a student is to study. But most of the students are limited to book knowledge. We need to know book knowledge as well as other external things. A student should take participate in school and community events and programs, read newspapers, do creative work in your spare time, and help your parents with household works that you can.

The house is considered as the first school. So the older members of the family should try to develop good habits, inform them about health and try to remind them in a way that they can understand what to do and what not to do. They are like raw clay. Family members and teachers help them to take the right shape in their life. At the same time, we should also try to keep them away from the company of the wrong friends.

As they get older, they enter college after school. By this time, they have seen and experienced many things. Some students are working and studying, while others are focused only on their studies. Their main goal is to make their life successful by studying well.

Students are considered as the leaders of the future country. So they need to be given proper education, life skills, and training. A good student can go on to do good for society and the country. If we use the student life properly, we can reach the desirable of success soon.

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Student Life Essay in Nepali

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essay on student life in nepali
essay on student life in nepali

Importance of Student Life

Student life is an important part of every student. Almost in this period, it is decided either rock in life or ruin the life of a student. Besides, it is a time of choosing the right career options.

They started to learn many things from their schools, friends, teachers, parents, society, and even more from the internet. Sometimes they are unable to decide what is good and what is wrong for them. If they get the right guide, they will do well and if wrong, they will do like this. So student life is called raw mud which can be given any style.

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