Latest Most Important Current Affairs of Nepal 2076 for Loksewa Exam

Hello Friends, today I am going to share with you ’31 Most Important General Knowledge related Current Affairs of Nepal 2076′. We are making this Current affairs GK questions answers lists may be asked in future competitive exam in Nepal. These collection helps you a little to prepare competitive exam in Nepal.

31 Most Important current affairs of Nepal 2076 in below :

Q.N.)1. According to the macroeconomic update (macroeconomic update – 2020) published by the Asian Development Bank on September 2019, what is the economic growth rate of Nepal in FY 2076/77?

Answer – 6.3 percent

Q.N.)2. Which health establishment of Nepal has been recognized by the World Health Organization as its Collaborating Center?
Answer – Tilaganga Eye Establishment (B.S. 2076 Saun 06)

Q.N.)3. When was the Green Pradesh Campaign launched?
Answer – Bhadau 07

Q.N.)4. Who is the first Indian to take oath in Nepali language?
Answer – Indrahang Subba of Sikkim

Q.N.)5. Who was awarded Prime Minister’s National Talent Award 2075 ?
Answer – Dr. Sanduk Ruita (B.S. 2076 Ashwin)

Q.N.)6. What is the 48th district where health insurance program is implemented?
Answer – Doti

Q.N.)7. When was the inaugural Chinese-built Tassing Airport in Beijing, China?
Answer – 25 September 2019, (Equivalent to about 90 football fields)

Q.N.)8. When was the first cabinet meeting held in Nepal via video Tele-presence?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Bhadau 09

Q.N.)9. According to Henley Passport Index – 2019, how many places is Nepal in?
Answer – In 98th place

Q.N.)10. When is the first satellite of Nepal to contact a ground station in Kathmandu?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Bhadau 28

Q.N.)11. When did the Election Commission decide to hold the by-election on Mangsir 14?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Saun 16

Q.N.)12. When did the Dolphin Festival take place in Tikapur, Kailali?
Answer – B.S 2076 Bhadau 28 – 30

Q.N.)13. When did Paras Khadka, captain of the national cricket team, resign as captain?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Ashoj 28

Q.N.)14. When did the electrical bus service begin in Kathmandu Valley?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Bhadau 23

Q.N.)15. When was the foundation stone of the Nagadhunga-Sishnekhola tunnel laid by Prime Minister Oli and the Japanese ambassador combined?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Kartik 04

Q.N.)16. When was the Nepal Food Corporation transformed into a food and trade company?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Saun 28

Q.N.)17. When was Rajan Pokharel appointed Director General of Nepal Aviation Authority?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Ashad 12

Q.N.)18. When did the electricity bus service begin in the Kathmandu Valley? 
Answer – B.S. 2076 Bhadau 23

Q.N.)19. When did the Civil Bank obtain the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Saun 02
Q.N.)20. When did President Bhandari visit Myanmar?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Ashoj 29

Q.N.)21. Who announced ‘Time Person of the Year – 2019’?
Answer – Sweden’s 16-year-old ‘Greta Thanvarg’ (Environmental Campaign)

Q.N.)22. When did Nepal’s first satellite connect to a ground station in Kathmandu?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Bhadau 28

Q.N.)23. When was the appointment of the new state chief in Nepal?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Kartik 18

Q.N.)24. Who was awarded the CNN Hero – 2019?
Answer – Freweini Mebrahtu (Ethiopia)

Q.N.)25. When has Paras Khadka, captain of the Nepali National Cricket Team, resigned as captain?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Ashoj 28

Q.N.)26. When was Dilaram Bhattarai appointed as the Public Service Commission Chairman of the province no. 5?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Saun 28

Q.N.)27. When was Surendra Prasad Yadav appointed as the Public Service Commission chairperson of province no. 2?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Bhadra 05 

Q.N.)28. When was the logo of the year 2020 released with the coding logo of Nepal Tour?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Ashad 13

Q.N.)29. When has the Mauritius African country signed a labor agreement with Nepal?
Answer – 11 June 2019

Q.N.)30. When was Sherpa ascending the most successful Mount Everest for the 23th time?
Answer – B.S. 2076 Jetha 01

Q.N.)31. The 69th became Miss World – 2019?
Answer – Toni Anna Singh (Jamaica)
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