Nepali Shayari Collections 2022

Good to see you. Are you looking for a beautiful Nepali Shayari Collections? If yes, scrolled below to find Nepali Shayari for Attitude, Funny, Sad, Love, Romantic, Heart Touching/ Man Chhune Shayari, Zindagi, Romantic, Shayari status for Facebook, New year Shayari, Nepali Shayari in English, and some photos and images.  

We are sure that you loved to write, read and share Nepali Shayari because you searched the internet to find some Nepali Shayari, isn’t it?

We also loved to read, write and share Shayari with friends in school, colleges even on the social platform. However, we came to search Shayari and some photos related to it. We didn’t find it. So sad, we return back with a blank hand.

On the other hand, we planned to make a platform where we can easily share Nepali Shayari with friends who are loved. We hope, it adds more value to the Shayari topics. Let’s find Nepali Shayari on different topics.

Nepali Attitude Shayari

Attitude is a judgmental thought of a person. As a human, we want to show attitudes with others in different ways. On the other hand, sometimes, others showed attitudes and we want to return. If you want to share Nepali Attitude Shayari, let’s find it below.  

Nepali Funny Shayari

Being a funny person is the best personality trait. For example, let assume, you are in a group. If you share a funny short Shayari with them, they will be like you and be a friend.  Actually, it was worked to me. But you have to be situational. Sometimes it can be wrong to share even it is too funny. By keeping in mind that let find some Funny Shayari below.

Nepali Sad Shayari

Check out some Nepali Shayari that shows sad emotions mean someone hurt you and your mood is off. But in this situation, you have to avoid sad things that can multiple your sadness. However, let scroll below to get Nepali Sad Shayari. 

Nepali Shayari for Love

Obviously, love is a beautiful feeling. Sharing or telling Shayari to someone can show more love from you. Nepali Shayari for love is;

Nepali Shayari for Zindagi or Life

Life is a journey of including happiness and sadness. We have to try removing sadness and extending it to happy moments. Some people said that it is in your hand how do you enjoy or spend this journey. So, why not we try to make happiness other life together. Let the scroll below get some Zindagi or Life-related Shayari.

Dhoka Nepali Shayari

In a relationship, something unwillingly we get dhokla. It hurts us but what can we do whereas others didn’t think about it. We may wish from god, you never get Dhoka from anybody. Find below some Dhoka Nepali Shayari;

Nepali Romantic Shayari

Romantic means a feeling of excitement associated with love. Most people are romantic that can be a man or a woman. Get Nepali Romantic Shayari in downwards.

Heart Touching Man Chune Nepali Shayari

Heart touching or man Chune means Shayari the words which touch our heart. But it depends upon a person that what types of words tough your heart. Some people’s tough hearts by sad words, motivational words, inspirational words, success stories, etc. Find below some related as Shayari forms;

Happy New Year Nepali Shayari

Happy New Year Nepali Shayari

At the beginning of the New Year, we want to share some wishes with our relatives and friends. How is it? If that wishes in form of Shayari with having meaningful words, it will be extraordinary, isn’t it? We don’t want to stay here for long by reading these words. Go downwards to find related Shayari.

Nepali Shayari for Facebook Status

Nepali Shayari for Facebook Status

Are you looking for a cool Nepali Shayari for posting on Facebook as a status? Even you can post the above Shayari as a status by choosing related emotions. Here is some more Nepali Shayari for Facebook posts. 

Nepali Shayari in English

Nepali Shayari in English

Nowadays, the friend’s list is not limited to only to their area or state. Due to the evolution of social media and the internet, we have friends from different countries with multi-languages. If we shared something, it could be limited. For getting reach with everyone, English can be the best medium. 

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