Smart Study Tips How to Get Top Rank in Competitive Exam

Smart Study Tips How to Get Top Rank in Competitive Exam – Many students want to be the topper in the exam, but they did not get it. What are the main reasons for not topping the exam? Today we are discussing the topic ‘Smart Study Tips How to Get Top Rank in Competitive Exam’. I am also sharing with you my personal trick about Topper Study Tips for Students.

Almost all students want to become toppers but they are not achieving their dreams. They have no idea of ​​what method is employed at the time of study or at the time of studies. We cannot remember any subject for a long time, what is the main reason for this. Today, we are talking about these important points that can help a student to become a topper.

1. Regularity

The most important point of study is regularity. If you want to become a topper then you must follow this trick. Many topper students are saying in an interview, they are studying regularly. He also said that the study is first priest and then second.

2. Create a timetable

This is another important point for study suggestions. You make a suitable timetable that is suitable for you. You are giving priests for all subjects and are included in the timetable as you wish. For example, many students are saying that theory study time is better in the morning or that many students are saying that the time of day is appropriate or that some students are at night. Therefore, the study time of all students is different by their nature. You do not follow any other time table because they fit for themselves. 

So, you make your own study timetable. After making the timetable you follow it on a regular basis. The timetable is helping you manage your time. If you follow this technique regularly there is no change to leave an important topic.

3. Revise your Study

Many topper students have followed these rules. Revise is a technique that helps you remember for a long time. You can make Revise for the first time in 24-hour intervals. Then you can amend 1 week, then 1 month, then 3 months or final exam. Most of the students are following these tips. Our brain requires Revise to remember for a long time. Some students study throughout the day. But he did not follow this rule. They forget all the syllabus at the time of examination. So, you follow this rule to get the topper in the exam.

4. Make a note or summary

It plays an important role in your studies. When you started reading the book, you take out a notebook and initially include an important question and answer. It helps you manage your preparation time in the exam. You can revise all the syllabus in a short time, there is no chance of leaving an important question. Topper students copy and study notes in the exam. He has copied all the important topics in his notes. Include knowledge and extras that know all the material on your note copy in a simple way. If you want to become a topper in the exam, you can follow this trick.

5. Mark or sign-in the book

When you start a reading book, you mark important topics or lines. Many students say that this makes our book thick. They were not aware of its benefits. They clearly want to preserve their book at the end of the exam. But the topper students are not following this rule. They mark a book for revision of important subject at the time of examination. This helps them to revise all the important subjects and save their preparation time before the exam. Therefore, you mark in a book while reading.

5. Practice in sample paper

You gather the last sample paper in between ten years and start practicing these questions. You can learn about what kind of questions are asked in the exam. First of all, you should practice this sample paper. I asked the previous sample questions in the exam, you are aware of this sample question and scored high in the exam. Many exam questions are selected from previous exam question papers. You should practice all the previous exam questions and do additional study in a book or other sources. This obviously helps you to make the exam topper.

6. Make a Group for study

You have clear friends in school or college. You choose the friend who is interested in studying. You avoid the friend who does not want to study, they interrupt your studies. Group study gives you many benefits such as learning about friends, using your boring time, solving difficult questions and more. Group study helps you to exchange knowledge and fix your mistake. You have derived various benefits from group study. This technique is also followed by topper students.

7. Make a Plan for your exam papers

Many students cannot perform bitter in exams. Because they do not know how to manage time in the exam. They write long to answer that they know and cannot afford time for all questions. Their answer seems to be that the answer to the question is too short and the answer to the question is too short. This directly affects your scar. You practice the previous sample question at home and find out your error in time management for the exam. Allocation of time does both short and long questions properly as both are important in looking at the exam for good marks. There are three common mistakes a student makes in an exam;

• Manage time in exams: Most students are not able to manage time based on which question takes how much time. You are avoiding this by practicing previous sample questions before the exam.

• Writing practice: You focus on improving your handwriting to attract the teacher. Many times teachers give less masks in an exam for not understanding the answer. If you want to get good marks in the exam, first of all, you should improve your writing skills.

• Revision: In the exam, you set aside some time to revise your answer to correct your faults. One simple mistake can be a reason to pass your score. At the time of exam, you have to finish by writing all the answers before a 10 to 15 minute relaxation. This time you correct your mistake.

Conclusion: In this article ‘Smart Study Tips How to Get Top Rank in Competitive Exam’, tell you about the study tips during the exam. I will try to give some suggestions related to the study. Many students want to top the exam, they also study all the time, but due to not paying attention in a simple matter, they did not succeed in the exam. We try to find the answer about which things affect our study.

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