Smart Way for How to get a Government Job in Nepal

Smart Way for How to get a government job in Nepal – All people want to join a government job due to public reputation and job security. But all persons aren’t eligible for a government job because a specific job require specific qualifications. Who has such specific qualifications then eligible to apply for a Government job in Nepal. Today, we are discussing the most common questions of Nepalese ‘How to get a government job in Nepal’.

Consistency and Regularity is the main key to success. This feature also needs those people who are participating in a competitive exam. You aren’t backward-facing once or twice failure. We all know failure takes not only fail, but it also takes experiences and self-esteem. 

How Many Types of Government Job in Nepal ?

There are two types of government jobs in Nepal: Permanent and Contract Government jobs. We are discussing both topics in detail.

1. Permanent Government Job

Government Job is a career opportunity where you get permanent or Lifetime job in various bodies of government. It is the main charm of government jobs because people aren’t wanted to take a risk and their life goes to uncertain. The government of Nepal can full fill this desire if you are eligible and complete the exam.  

2. Contract Government Job

the job opportunity is in the contract. Here, a contract means the government of Nepal and employees for specific work and a certain period. Its negative point is a short period. It is maybe suitable for those candidates who want to get a government job but not eligible for some circumstances. For example :

Term Police – They are worked as a Nepal Police for a certain period. We can see them at the time of election appointed by the government of Nepal to project Politicians and civil also saving the collection of the vote.

Contact Worker – For example, B.S. 2078, the Government of Nepal will have to go 13th national census. So, there is needed for a large number of employees for a short period. When census work will be finished it also will close. So, you want to earn some money and help the government of Nepal then you can join there. 

What the main qualifications are to join the Government of Nepal as Employee:

  • Your are must Nepalese citizen 
  • Require ages is 18 years 
  • A certain level of Education Qualification according to the level of post
  • Eligible Fraser also can apply 

My dear, there isn’t a difficult task of getting a government job if you determine it. But you have self motivate and consistence your study. If you included these qualities in you then you deserve the permanent government job. You aren’t eligible for a permanent job, don’t worry my dear friends, you can apply term government job and fulfill your desire as being a government employee.

Hope, your friends, you know about ‘How to get a government job in Nepal’ and its types. May I best wish for you become a government employee? If you have some quires related to this post, you can comment in the below section or contact in personal Gmail. 

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