Way to Make Suitable Goal and Getting Them in Life

Way to Make Suitable Goal and Getting Them in Life  : Hello friends, today’s topic is most important for everyone that is how to make or set goal and achieved in life.  

A year ago, I had a lot of dreams. I wanted to be successful in finding out what I am interested in and do it for a lifetime. Every day, I spent over an hour watching motivational videos and tips to achieve my goals.

From what I understood, I had to plan and plan all my tasks. I felt that this was the only way to reach my goal.

The problem is, I was not moving forward. After making hundreds of to-do lists and not always honoring schedules, I realized that I was stable.

But I always wanted to believe in this dream what I had time to do.

So, I started researching with an idea in mind:

How do we have goals that we can achieve.

At first, I told myself that I was not skilled enough. Therefore it was necessary to get time to succeed.

But in preparation class, the timetable is so busy that even though it is more efficient, we don’t really have much time.

A little disappointed, I started reading books, which gave me great advice.

But after a while, I got stuck in reality, I didn’t really have time to read so I stopped. I had to work first and then we will see.

A few days after giving up the idea of ​​reaching my goals, I was asked “How to reach my goals?” But many videos were found. “Without much faith, I clicked on it. And for once, the most important thing wasn’t a to-do list. You had to build your goals under a brief SMART. It was a new way of looking at your goals.

From that moment, I started a blog and since then I have been saving time each week, working tirelessly towards my goals.

You may have been looking for a way to reach your goal for a long time. In this case, stay well till the end of the video, I’ll give you my way to set goals and keep them. I did not invent it from scratch, it is a combination of many approaches already existing.

1. Ambition to set a grand goal

Before you decide on your goal in a specific area, you need to define your greatest ambition. The final state of your progress, the one that really makes you dream.

Put aside realism, be a child again for higher ambitions. But be careful, these ambitions should be yours. For example, if you start painting, not everyone wants to be Picasso. However, you want to portray super realistic pictures of your family members. Some would say that this second ambition is weaker than the first. But I do not believe it. Not everyone wants to be a star.

2. Define yourself to achieve your goals

Once you have your ambition, it is like the end of a long hike. But to walk, you need a reason. Reason enough to take you action for months or years.

Defining why, it is the subject of a practical sheet of good habits that you will find in the first episode of the description. It will be a lot more detailed than here!

Take time to find the reason. It is like filling your gas tank. To go too far, you have to fill it to the brim! So find what pushes you deeper towards your goal. And don’t lie to yourself, if what you want is recognition from others, it doesn’t matter, it’s all the real reason that motivates you to act.

Now we will see the SMART method in the rest of the article. It is recognized for achieving its goals. However, it is even more effective with the elements I gave you earlier, it was specifically outlined in 2011 by a group of scientists at an American Management Review (Academy of Management Review Business Journal).

Steps of SMART methodology to motivate and achieve its objectives

‘S’ for specific –

There is nothing worse than an ill-defined goal. It likes to be in archery without looking at the target. We cannot succeed. So the ambitious goal you have set in the first phase, is it accurate enough.

If you talk about it with your friends, will they be able to understand what you want to do?

Imagine that you wanted to go fishing. Not accurate enough to say “I go fishing”. Are you going to do it in the sea or in the river? Are you going fishing along the line or with a trawler? Are you going to catch small or big fish? Okay, I don’t know anything about fishing, but you understand the theory. Not only should your goal be clear, but also your way of getting there. Maybe at this point, if you are a beginner angler, you are not good enough to know what you are going to do. It doesn’t matter, but you probably already have an idea of ​​what you want to do.

Questions to ask yourself:

– What is the goal?
– With whom shall I do it?
– Where to do it?

‘M’ for measles

That’s good, you have your goals, but how do you know that you’re making progress? And how do you know when you have reached your goal?

It is important to find a simple indicator to measure whether we have made progress or not. For example, the number of fish you catch per hour, or the size of fish you catch. There will often be many ways to measure your success. Choose the simplest and the one that speaks the most to you.

If you have decided to run, then why not use the number of kilometers traveled or your speed.

Questions to ask yourself:

– How do I know when I have achieved my goal?
– How do I measure my progress?

Worthy to Achieve(‘A’):

You can say to yourself that this is inconsistent with the first step, which reminds me, which is aimed at great ambition. Not really.

To make your greatest ambition attainable, perhaps you need to spread it over time?

For me, an attainable goal is divided into smaller steps that will be achieved one by one. To that end, I once again invite you to download the good habits practical sheets for free which are more detailed than this article.

The idea is simply that your grand ambition looks like a high rock. Therefore it may seem impassable. Your role in this step is to dig a step, so that you move forward step by step, step by step.

Questions to ask yourself:

– How can I achieve this goal?
– In how many steps can I cut it?
– How many steps can I still divide my steps into? e.t.c
– Do I have the resources to reach this or that stage?
– What else do I need to achieve the first steps of my goal?
– How can I get the necessary resources for my success?
– Do I have enough time in my weeks to add this goal?

‘R’ for “relevant” (relevant in French)

This goes back to why I mentioned earlier.

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Is your lens useful for you? For others?

Now is the time to be really specific. For example, when I created this blog, I wondered what I was going to bring you. I did not get it right now, but today, it is clear, I am here to save you just and continued time.

Of course, this formula means a lot to me and I can develop it more. But what matters is that you can understand it at a glance. Similarly, my slogan is “Work to be effective”. Someone who plans to stay on their couch without taking action is discouraged by seeing it. Suddenly, there are only motivated people who understand my message and want to save time.

Questions to ask yourself:

– Why does my goal matter to me?
– Does it positively impact for me / others?

Be really specific, the goal is to complete the first step which is to define our why. The reason that pushes me towards our goal in half is that a goal can be eliminated directly without a strong reason for me. So if you don’t really know why you are doing this then you don’t have to waste your time on the next step.

For temporally defined “T”

Do not miss this step. The only difference between a dream and a goal is the end date. In case of a dream you hope that one day a miracle will happen. In the case of purpose you give the result on a specific date.

Thank You.

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